dimanche 22 mai 2011

Happy B.Day "lil' buddy" !

Here is an old graffiti I made last year. It was not really great, quite ugly (colors and lines). Well, today is the birthday of a friend of mine and rather than to send her a birthday card, I send her a birthday wall! I am just going to explode this wall with nice purple colors, tiger, duck and plenty other animals! Let me show you what I've done! I hope you'll enjoy the wall "Lil' Buddy"...


My equipment, I just love Montana Colors

The original sketches...
This wall is going to have some small problems!

The background is appearing slowly. I learn this way on a graffiti from Aryz.

A tree has just grown just like that!

And here is the grass now...

Fresco was ended, now the break! (...have a break, have a kitkat of course)